Pay Per Click Marketing

Google Ad word Marketing

Place your ads at the top of Google search results with Paid Ads.

No Long Term Contracts

PPC puts your business at the top with an Ad RIGHT AWAY

Renting a Position at the Top vs. Building

The fastest way for any business to get on top while managing on a pay per click budget

We advertise on Google Ads and Search Networks

LMP offers Advanced conversion tracking, Google extension set up, click fraud monitoring, geographical report analysis

Our PPC Process

It all starts with our site assessment and intake process. We ask you the necessary questions to be able to run effective campaigns. We then create compelling ads based on the keyword research our amazing team of PPC management strategists create ads targeting keywords that a located in tightly themed ad groups. You will receive weekly and monthly reports on performance to keep you informed.

Site Assessment and Intake Process

Site Assessment And Intake Process

Necessary questions are answered in order to run effective campaigns

Create Targeted, Compelling Ads

Create Targeted, Compelling Ads

Formulated based on the keyword research provided by our team of PPC management strategists

Receive weekly and monthly reports on
performance to stay informed

Case Studies


Casino and Hotel Case Study

Create Targeted, Compelling Ads

Dental Case Study

Light Matter Promotions LLC

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