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Your Digital Marketing Agency in Indianapolis, IN

As a leading digital marketing agency, we offer digital marketing services to increase your traffic and obtain more leads. In addition, our professional team can help you develop brand awareness with our SEO services, PPC, and content strategy. So whether you’re a digital marketing executive or a small business owner in Indianapolis, IN, we can help you differentiate your brand.

We Work Hard for You

At Light Matter Promotions in Indianapolis, IN, our team works hard to deliver improved rankings with various tools that include affiliate marketing, social media, and retarget marketing. We have multiple plans, including a free dashboard, review widget to increase your positive reviews, automated weekly or monthly reports, and website form lead tracking.


Light Matter Promotions

We’ve served many industries and work with all types of professionals to provide ongoing optimization. Our knowledge and expertise can take your business to the next level as we integrate the right tools and techniques. Our services are designed to help you develop a solid online presence and grow your online visibility by optimizing your brand value.

Our professionals work closely with you and analyze every part of your online presence to discover where you need to improve. We listen to your concerns, answer your questions, and provide suggestions to ensure you see results and meet your goals.

Premier Digital Marketing Agency in Indianapolis, IN

Attract more business and stand out from the competition with professional online marketing services in Indianapolis, IN. Light Matter Promotions is a leading digital marketing agency with services tailored to your needs.

Boost Your Sales and Brand Awareness

Every business needs a strong online presence to bring in more customers. Local businesses and online storefronts equally benefit from increased search rankings, as most people search for goods and services online.
Partnering with a top digital marketing agency gives you a leg up over your competitors. You can climb the search rankings and position yourself as a leader in your market.

Explore Our Digital Marketing Services

We offer tailored solutions instead of a one-size-fits-all approach. You can depend on us to create a digital marketing strategy that aligns with your goals. Here are some of the services that we provide:
Search engine optimization (SEO)
• Geo-fencing marketing
• Retarget marketing
• Mobile geo-conquest
• Keyword research
• PPC management
• Content generation
• Mobile geo-retargeting
• Affiliate marketing
• Social media management
Allow us to handle any area of your digital marketing needs. From SEO marketing to managing your social media profiles, our team is ready to boost your online presence.

Professional Production Services and Media

Digital marketing is just one aspect of promoting your business online. Our production services include:
• Photography
• Web design
• Graphic design
• Videography
Our team works closely with you to produce content and media that fits your brand identity. With the right web design and media, you can create a stronger first impression with potential customers.

Your Digital Marketing Agency in Indianapolis, IN

Why choose Light Matter Promotions? Our dedication to improving our client’s search rankings and brand awareness help make us a leading choice for online marketing services in Indianapolis and beyond.
Whether you want to target the local market or reach customers in other parts of the country or globe, we have the skills, knowledge, and tools to help you reach your goals.

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Get more from your online marketing. Light Matter Promotions has teamed up with all business sizes in Indianapolis, IN, to provide comprehensive, successful campaigns. You can expect more business growth as we take the necessary steps to increase your online sales while optimizing your marketing costs. In addition, we’ll work hard to help you appear on the first page of Google searches to ensure you attract more customers and become more established.

Full Time Marketing Employee VS Light Matter Promotions

  • Average cost for full time employee $38,000
  • Works Alone
  • One person spread over all areas of marketing
  • Requires medical, Dental and Vision insurance
  • Takes Vacation, Sick Days, collects 401K
  • Requires Training
  • Zero Guarantees Results
  • Cost per hour for an individual $18.26 plus benefits
  • Average cost of SEO $21,000 per year
  • Team of 5 SEO Experts
  • Only job is to improve your website presence
  • Does not Require Medical, Dental and Vision
  • Does not Take Vacation, Sick Days, or collects 401K
  • Experts in field with no required training
  • Guaranteed Results Every time
  • Cost per hour with our team $10.31

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